By | 01 Aug, 2012

mhvtl-2012-08-01.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-0:

 New features
vtltape: Make the backoff algrithm value configurable
Default media belonging to a library in a subdir
Add default “Home directory” entry in device.conf

–¬†Personality module updates
Allow ‘default’ module to load all media R/W
Add IBM half-hight INQUIRY string match
vtltape: Update log entry regarding media capacity depending on capabiliti
Initial commit of SDLT600 personality module
Initial commit of SDLT320 personality module
Update mktape to work ‘better’ with SDLT media types

– Cleanups
Move standard inquiry info into memory structure
mhvtl.ko: Silence install ‘depmod’ error
Standardize on PCODE_OFFSET for inquiry page code mask
Remove unused variable ‘removable’
Improve logging of mode page creation

– Packaging:
Remove kmod-mhvtl.spec
Rename ‘mhvtl’ package as ‘mhvtl-utils’
Use ELRepo spec file
Move ‘make install’ responsibility from RPM to Makefile