By | 11 Sep, 2011

mhvtl-2011-09-11.tgz / mhvtl-1.0-1:

  • – Added mode page 25h (vendor specific) for IBM LTO3/4/5
    This allows the Windows IBM Tape Driver to load correctly (connected via iSCSI)
  • Attempt to correct file permission/ownership when media is created manually
  • A HUP signal to the vtllibrary daemon will cause it to re-read its config from the /etc/mhvtl/library_contents.XX file. (So you can change the slot config without having to re-start the daemon).

Note: Two current known bugs which are being worked on.

  • If the ‘-f fifo’ is not correctly defined or can’t be created, the daemons will segfault on exit.
  • The first daemon will result in an unlink(fifo); on exit.