By | 23 Jun, 2010

mhvtl-2010-06-23.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-8:

  • Several Security Protocol IN updates – thanks Albert Pauw
    • Return certificate data
    • Correct length for ‘KEY FORMATS’
    • Correct length for SPIN SUPPORTED PAGES
  • Fix kernel compile on RedHat AS4
  • Media/drive matching now ‘dynamic’ and defined in device.conf
  • Added man page for device.conf
  • Fix media corruption when media is ‘formatted’
  • Add LTO5 & SDLT-S4 drive/media types
  • Handle INQUIRY correctly after media change (return SAM_STAT_GOOD)
  • Updated rc script so all devices created on Target & LUN. i.e. Don’t use channel. Some application software has trouble if only the channel is unique.