By | 22 May, 2011

mhvtl-2011-05-22.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-16:

  • Cleaning media behaves more like real (IBM LTO4) drive.
  • Implement OPEN/CLOSE IMPORT/EXPORT element OP code (Thanks Sebastian)
  • Kernel module support for 2.6.39 (Thanks Sebastian)


  • SPACE op code – Space to end-of-data fixed (Thanks Sebastian)
    This fixes an issue triggered using Oracle Backup
  • REQUEST SENSE – Return correct data.
  • SPOUT – Return check_condition on some error paths
  • Cleaning Media – Return ‘not ready’ instead of ‘ready’ when loaded
  • Don’t write FILEMARKS to WORM or Cleaning media (as appropriate)