Download one or more to get going and playing as soon as possible:

package Description
mhvtl-2016-03-10.tgz Source code in a tar ball – not required for RPM based distributions
Contains both user space and kernel source code
mhvtl-utils-1.5-4.x86_64.rpm 64bit pre-built binaries of ‘user space’ portion of mVTL
mhvtl-utils-1.5-4.i586.rpm 32bit pre-built binaries of ‘user space’ portion of mVTL
mhvtl-utils-1.5-4.src.rpm Above source code tar ball packaged as a source rpm
git tarball Latest source tree (retrieved via git) as a ‘tar ball’

Download using ‘git’ – This provides a complete history of all changes.

Create a directory where you are going to store the source code.

$ mkdir mhvtl

Initialize the directory as a git repository

$ git init

Pull the source code (it’s only a few hundred k)

$ git pull

From time to time, check for any updates and synchronize from github.

$ git pull