mhVTL 1.5-4

Add SPACE(16) op code Use ‘safe’ version of lzo1x decompression function – Saw a couple of instances where non-safe version would result in a segfault. Embed minilzo package to reduce dependencies on external packaging – should make it easier to build from source code. Fix emulation of HP library – return DVCID information in Alternate Volume field. Add… Read More »


mhvtl-2014-09-07.tgz / mhvtl-1.5-2: Fix to library emulation ‘serial number’ handling (increased max serial number to 15) Fix Inquiry VPD updates in library emulation Add Scalar emulation


mhvtl-2014-04-13.tgz / mhvtl-1.5-0: Introduce personality modules for tape libraries Bug fix with libraries configured with more than 1260 slots New media type ‘NULL’ for performance testing Change kernel module bus type from ‘pseudo’ to ‘pseudo9’ to prevent address space conflict with scsi_debug


mhvtl-2013-10-20.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-10: Various cleanups/bug fixes as a result of the static code check ‘smatch’ Fix TapeAlert bit offsets Return bit/byte offset for sense INVALID FIELD IN CDB/PARAMS Fix returned data size when 0 data is requested (kernel module fix) SMC – Ability to keep library media change persistant across restarts SSC – Fix op code 0Fh (read… Read More »


mhvtl-2013-08-29.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-9: MODE SELECT for SSC (tape) overhaul Sanitize delay values introduced with previous release Code cleanup based on Valgrind – memory leaks and unused file handles Set SCSI Revision field for T10000B emulation Adjust SCSI Inquiry information for ‘Scalar’ libraries (add ‘BarC’ field, pad ‘Full Firmware Revision’ field with compile time/date information)


mhvtl-2013-06-29.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-8: Add additional fields in MAM for multi-partition support capability MODE SELECT fixes Solaris 11.1 st mode select Make virtual media more resilient against disk full conditions Add additional error checking between kernel and user-space ioctl Add ability to introduce delays in load/unload/position/thread/rewind op codes Add 16byte CDB locate command support Minor kernel module tweaks –… Read More »


mhvtl-2013-01-31.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-6: Fix crash when position back xx blocks Add ‘edit_tape’ utility. Update virtual media ‘metadata’ Fix TAPE CAPACITY log page – return correct data page and fix buffer overflow


mhvtl-2013-01-12.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-5: Fix End-Of-Media (EOM) handling (reported write failure actually successfully wrote the block – resulting in an off-by-one block count) Add LTO-6 emulation Fix TAPE CAPACITY log page information (Corrected a byte swap error)


mhvtl-2012-09-13.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-4: Fix bug (off-by-one) in LOG SELECT Implement counter reset via LOG SELECT & PCR bit Implement ‘performance’ counter – Records amount of time (spent in usleep()) since last op code processed. Note: Due to build issues, mhvtl-1.4-2 & mhvtl-1.4.3 never made public release.


mhvtl-2012-08-08.tgz / mhvtl-1.4-1: Bug fixes Fix dump_tape to understand new library subdirectory format Fix vtlcmd to understand new library subdirectory format