By | 23 Sep, 2010

mhvtl-2010-09-23.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-11:


  • Potential core dump where SENSE data pointer incorrectly set to NULL
  • Positioning to filemark, followed by write failed to remove cached ‘filemark pointer’.
  • This caused errors with TSM & HP Dataprotector when writing multiple sequential backups on the same piece of media.
  • Many thanks to Nai for testing on TSM
  • Many thanks to Philip for testing with HP Dataprotector
  • VPD page 0x83 length incorrect (Thanks Gaetan)
  • VPD NAA data field incorrect (Thanks Gaetan)


  • Remove references to /proc
  • Daemons now create their own device nodes, so no external scripts need to be run. (Note: This required assistance from the kernel module – hence the kernel module from this release needs to be compiled and used – Sorry)
  • Gentoo ebuild file (Thanks Gaetan)
  • RedHat/CentOS kernel module SPEC file (Thanks Dag)
  • Use ‘setuidgid’ to start daemons if available instead of specified user account.