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mhvtl-2010-05-08.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-7: Fix: 32bit platforms – Allow media size to be greater than 2G Fix: core dump on invalid defined NAA strings Fix: Support SMC devices with embedded space chars in VENDOR ID Implement STK Vendor unique LOAD DISPLAY SCSI op code. (Logs display info via syslog)


mhvtl-2010-05-02.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-6: Fix: vtlcmd command line parsing. Fix ‘list map’ option Fix: import of media via MAP (off-by-one) Fix: TapeCapacity LOG SENSE data. Now returns bytes/KB/MB as per OEM (Thanks ‘kamy’) Support VENDOR ID with embedded spaces. i.e. “HP Ultrium” Honour MAP status: Fail attempts for robot to move media in CAP if CAP is open. Relax‚Ķ Read More »


mhvtl-2010-04-01.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-5: Fix: vtlcmd command line parsing. Thanks Herbert Stadler Fix: Silence local_irq_save(). Normally seen on fedora. Thanks Norm Lunda Fix: URLs to this homepage.


mhvtl-2010-03-05.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-4: Fix: ELEMENT STATUS – found and fixed by Norm Lunde (many thanks) This was preventing TSM to work with mhvtl Add queue depth() callback in kernel module (module date string 20100303) Test for media mounted before returning status on ‘REWIND’ op code. Fix typos in rc script


mhvtl-2010-01-28.tgz / mhvtl-0.18-2.rpm: The ability to support multiple libraries on the one host !! Thanks once again to Kevan. Note: There is no conversion of existing configuration file(s) to the new device.conf/library_contents format. Please remove all files under /etc/mhvtl/ before installing mhvtl-2010-01-28 (mhvtl-0.18-2)